1. People who don’t understand, let alone feel metal


    Are lost causes. It’s like living on a whole different level. I tried converting a friend tonight, unsuccessfully.

    You hit the nail on the head. Most thing it’s “angry” is what he said. It’s more like intellectual poetry.

  4. September 2013 - Day 1 Exercise

    2.05 Distance
    297 calories

    Warm up 5 mins
    Running for 15 mins @ 5.0mph
    Walking for 5 @ 3.5 mph
    Cool down for 5 mins

    Was a bad work out as my calfs were on fire from hiking and I couldn’t push through. Even hurt to stretch so that was half assed. I hope tomorrow is a better day, today was shit.  

  5. sarahmcgee:

    I find it really interesting looking at not only how my weight changes, but also my posture, and body shape. I could have sworn that “bum shelf” would be with me for life, and that my knees would always hurt when I stood up, and that my spine was a little funky because my back used to ache when I stood up for too long - turns out your body is an incredibly resilient & adaptive thing - it responds to the life you’re living. The body on the left was built for sitting, a sedentary job & lots of sleeping. The one on the right gets a lot more adventure and is changing in accordance to its environment. Shape a LIFE that is good for you, fill it with adventure & learn to cook - forget about crash diets and stop looking for that secret because their honestly isn’t one.

    Somebody asked me today what has been my biggest help throughout this process - I said learning to take full responsibility for my own life. Recognizing that that only person who could change me was me - my life, my choices, my training, my nutrition - whatever change I have achieved has come from recognizing that I am not a victim, I am a product of my choices & I have the power to change them in any given moment. I own my victories & my failures. I celebrate every success and learn from every time I fall, making sure I never stay down for too long. You do not need somebody else to fix you or tell you how to live - you simply need to recognize that you are powerful beyond measure & get up. ❤😘

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  6. 60ibs-to-go:


    It’s almost like having apple pie in a glass — except this meal will keep you full until lunch! Ingredients: 5 raw almonds 1 red apple 1 banana 3/4 cup nonfat Greek yogurt 1/2 cup nonfat milk 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

    Must try this :3

    Mmmm gonna try with added vanilla protein!

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  7. flomation:

    Part 6/?

    Part 5: x
    Part 7: x

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